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Slow Your Speed in Texas School Zones

Speeding in a school zone, even for just a slight distance, is a risky move. Not only does it put children's lives in jeopardy, but it could also get you a ticket. Throughout the country, children walk, bike, and skate to and from school, and drivers must pay close attention when they are near a school or in a school zone. Speeding tickets in general are costly, but nothing compares to the tickets given when driving above the speed limit in school zones.

If you would like for your money to start disappearing, you can start speeding in your car. You will be throwing money out of your window in no time. We assume though that you have no interest in this. To avoid a ticket, you can do simple things like keep your cell phone tucked away. When it is not in sight, you are more inclined to pay attention to the signs and lights that dictate legal driving habits. Speeding in a special area, such as a work zone or school zone, requires driving without any distractions.

The school zone speed is in effect about 30 minutes before the start of school until 30 minutes after the morning bell. It goes back into effect again 30 minutes before class lets out in the afternoon and lasts for 30 minutes after.

Any speed zone near a school will have a speed limit that allows speeds no higher than 20 mph, with many being kept at 15 mph. Pay close attention to posted speed limits and notices, because law enforcement officials are ready to slap you with a fine that will serve as motivation not to speed in a school zone again.. Police officers around schools are not at all lenient when the lives of children are at stake.

There is no possibility of successfully appealing a speeding ticket given in a school zone. Typically fines for speeding in school zones are thrice the amount of an average speeding ticket, and if you are a habitual traffic offender, the fine will be much more expensive.

City planners aim to develop and maintain safe driving environments. Streets will prove to be safer if we collectively make a conscious effort to observe the speeding limits posted everywhere. Though speeding anywhere is a risk nobody should take, school zones are places where speeding is inexcusable. Even the most experienced drivers must remain wary since children are prone to act unpredictably. Drive safe, and look out for those kids.